The story about a special english roadster

It´s an Oldie project with technical supervision and support by a young automotive engineer ( msc and KFZ Meister )

The Oldie :  Joerg Dubbert  , nearly retired

The youngster : Christian Ledwig  , automotive engineer Msc, German mechatroniker Meister

We have to say   THANK YOU  

- to all persons friends and family, who helped with answers, work, support, beer and coffee

A very big thank you to my wife - Sabine - who has the great kindness to accept a second "SHE"  called COBRA and to my friends in England hwo helped me in the darkest hours when I was worried if the car gets the roadworthieness or not.

- to Desmond Rees in Epping where I always feel home and Stephen Down in Epping with his 650 hp Porsche and all his friendly support of our project.

- to the members of the UK Cobraclub who gave very good informations and also answers to questions


For me this project is more than just building a car. It gave me the opportunity to learn so much.  Which man is able to understand a wife - even the own wife is sometimes hard to understand - So it is very helpful to know every nut and bolt of the second "SHE" - 


The following companies were involved :

DJ Sportscars International Ltd.   -  rolling chassis with drivetrain installation - body - final preparation before paint and after paint - pre IVA check.

KARTEC professional paint refinishers in Epping Essex as subcontractor for DAX - complete paintworks

Neil Tadman in southend - complete interior trimworks with bmw leather to custumers secifications

CK-Cabrio GmbH & Co KG in Pohlheim - manufacturer of the custom soft hood

Image wheels international Ltd. ,in Tipton, west midlands - producer of classic style halibrand wheels with DAX specification

EUROPA SPECIALIST SPARES in Tutbury Staffordshire - supplier of traditional Cobra parts

CBS carbuildersolutions.com in Staplehurst Kent  deliverer of all the little parts, nuts and bolts without no car can be driven