The story about a special english roadster

At the factory DJ Sportscars Intl. Ltd. in Harlow : Engine and 5-Speed Gearbox perfectly integrated , Body fitted to the chassis, a good starting point ......

From DAX to my garage - thinking about the most important works which have to be done first took a while.

The exhaust was identified as one of the most complicated parts because i wanted to have an underslug system that fulfills the EU emission and sound requirements. 

The routing of the exhaust pipes from the engine bay to the downpipes - from there to the pre cats and from there to the main catalyststs, the best place for the first lambda sensors, and the diagnosis lambda sensors, the H-pipe ( sound and flow ) and silencers without heat influence to the fuel tank. And beleave me - there is only very few space under a DAX !!

The plan of routing brakelines, fuellines and powercables followed. ( Away from heat !! )

A good plan should be half of the work. But I learned that not all plans are really good - Some of the works had to be done two or three times. Thanks god that i must not earn my money with this work ! - But most of the time it makes fun if there is no time pressure.