The story about a special english roadster

The individual vehicle approval is the final check of the car if it  has the roadwortyness and can be correctly registered.

The DVLA in Swansea is responsible. The application forms have to be filled out and lots of documentation works have to be done. After sending these data  to the DVLA they will be checked and preprocessed. If everything is OK they give a date at one of their testcenters.

Our test took nearly a day - the testengineer checked everything in detail wrote a testreport in detail and explained it to me very friendly.

There where some minor and also one major point that had to be improved.

The major point was the actual balance of the brakes. His dynamic brake test documented that the rear brakes are a bit too strong. This cobra has a weight distribution of nearly 50 / 50 between front and rear. Thats the reason why the first brake line is for the front and the second is for the rear. In case of an emergency braking the weight of the car is moving forward. It wouldn´t be good if the rear wheels are stopping earlier than the front wheels. That was the problem which had to be solved.

Back to the garage - discussion with my supervisor - installation of a brake proportioning valve - lots of different brake test with different road conditions - we found the perfect balance between the front and the rear brakes. It is strictly forbidden to make any changes to this setup. Thats the reason why we marked and fixed these parts permanently.

The second IVA date took place two weeks later - and ........ everything OK , said the testengineer :   "perfectly balanced"

The next step the following day was the MOT in a garage close to Epping. They made it in a way like the german TUEV a short general test. All what these people did was redundant work to the IVA work - I really can´t understand the nessesary of this procedure - but it is required - and i had to follow these regulations.

The donor car and all the emission relevant parts are from 2001. That means the car had to fulfill these emission standards in the tests. The underslung exhaust system with the 4 catalyst, OBDII control and lambda sensors was good enough.

In the next step the car became registred with age related plates.