The story about a special english roadster

A modern EPAS steering with adaptive steering control is comfortible - no question -  . It makes a smaller steering wheel possible. That requires not so much space in the small cocpit. 

Thats the reason why I decided to go this way.

Footboxes had to be reduced because of the wide V8. The new boxes had to be tailored in 3 steps . In the second picture you can see the first step.       Enough strength and heatprotection is required. The final footbox is made with 2 mm thick aluminum glued and riveted to the fiberglass structure -  covered with heatprotection - again covered with 1.5 mm aluminium or 0.75mm stainless steel ( exhaust-header region )

The DAX steering gear ( Quaife ) is perfectly direct and was part of the rolling chassis.