The story about a special english roadster

I really like typical classic english roadsters. Jaguar E- type ... Triumph TR4 ..... to name only two of many other beautys - but one design is very special for me  - thats the 289 cobra in the street version.

On my way to explore a new hobby the Stoneleigh show in May was  a starting point.

Lots of very beautiful cars and interesting talks with their owners

The DAX people presented their De dion Cobra also impressing.

289 or 427 Style was the next question.  

Traditional  english Roadster  vs. powerful  design  with  modern features ?

She should have both ! An exact replica could not be the answer.

How to find a good make with the required support ?

Hawk,AK, Dax or GD  ?  -  Each of them has it´s good aspects. At the end - DAX was my first choice. 

Even the DAX Cobras are not all the same - Engine , Wheels . .....

A replika close to one of the historical american shelby cobras or a retro classic with the old look but with modern technology ? That´s what I really wanted .  A longer talk with Andrew and Peter about my specific drivetrain ideas and all the other little whishes gave me the certainty of a good decision.

I placed my Order  in May , brougt the drivetrain in July  there and got my rolling chassis with body fitted drivetrain and all relevant parts in September  -  At that moment I was more than happy.